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Graffiti creates a negative impression of an area. Solvent spray cans and other types of paints that can be so damaging to buildings, monuments, statues, factories and the environment.

Graffiti attracts more graffiti unless it is removed promptly. To avoid an area turning into a graffiti hot spot. The quicker it is removed, the better. If left, for perhaps weeks or even months the solvent will dry into the pores of the brick, becoming more difficult to remove.

At Able Cleaning Services we offer a fast and efficient graffiti removal service. We are able to remove graffiti from many types of surfaces such as brick, concrete, perspex, plastic and even from painted surfaces themselves. With an arsenal of products we are able to identify a solution to eradicate the graffiti.

Once cleaned, if required, Able cleaning can apply an anti-graffiti coating to allow any subsequent offences to be removed more easily and in somecases with just soap and hot water.